Synchrony Point provides coaching for leaders at all levels, and specializes in coaching through transitions, such as moving from middle management to the senior team, or from individual contributor to first time manager. 

The foundation of successful coaching is the relationship between coach and client.  Trust, confidentiality, and rapport are key elements of the relationship and an important focus of Synchrony Point engagements.  The coaching process will involve thoughtful, experience-based inquiry, joint exploration of possibilities, and goal setting. 

Coaching engagements typically run between six and twelve months, depending on the client’s needs and goals.  Meetings early in the coaching engagement typically take place three to four times a month, with meetings one to two times a month in subsequent months. 

Since business challenges do not fit tidily into a pre-scheduled timeframe, your coach is also available to you via phone, text, or email as needed throughout the engagement period.  Clients use this ad hoc time for a variety of reasons including planning or practice for upcoming interactions, debriefing of recent exchanges, exploring scenarios for decision making, and brainstorming to help get unstuck.

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